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por Luís Naves, em 26.10.13

Um texto meu publicado no Geopolitico gerou alguma polémica.

Vejam aqui.

Excuse my german...

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De Herman a 28.10.2013 às 16:26

But it is without alternative to end living like spending more money than you earn! That applies for a private household as for a country.

Everyone understands that it's hard, when you earn say 1000 per month, but are used spend 1100 to end this. And even harder to limit spending to 900 because you need to pay back debts and interest.

It is easy for (mostly socialistic) politicians t buy votes by giving the people more than it is earned (deficit spending). But the problem is: You must pay back one day. And that day is now.
People blaim now current politicians (and the Germans). But both did not bring the Portugese in the situation they are in now. It's the former politicians who did it!

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